Meditating Sadhu at Pashuputinath Temple, Nepal 2018

This is hands down my favorite photo that I took.
I’ve been playing with a DSLR close to a decade now and it’s weird that I took this with only an iPhone. As a photographer it’s not about the gear but it’s about the subject, the moment, the scene you want to capture.

There’s a backstory on why I love this photograph, and it started when I was kid watching too much National Geographic, and Discovery Channel. You see Tibet and Nepal has always captivated me, there was something mystical about the Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. It was unorthodox for a kid who grew up in a very traditional catholic household and I always told myself I wanted to see what these religions have to offer but there was no way in hell I was able to go to Nepal anytime soon until an opportunity showed itself.

I flew to Bangladesh in 2018 to take care of some business and I only expected to stay there, so I packed light leaving my camera and most of my hiking gear at home. After a month of just going and working around Dhaka my employer wanted to reward me for my efforts since I never really had weekends or some time-off because my living quarters was also in the office.
So they gave me a budget to fly anywhere nearby and about 10 days of vacation leave. I checked google maps and I realized that Nepal was just north of Bangladesh. Found a budget airline to take me there with only a small backpack… (Story to be continued)

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  1. It is a great photo. I’ve rarely taken photos of sadhu on my many trips to Nepal mostly because I avoid Pashpatinath! But I recently spent a week in Chinon with only my iPhone and have been surprised at the quality of photos, especially if the subject matter is good plus a few tweaks with Snapseed.


    1. It’s surprising how photogenic Nepal is actually! Pashupatinath is a must go because of the tradition you can see there including the open-air cremation!

      I’d recommend you use Lightroom, it’s a more professional editing tool! Safe Travels, Doc!


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      1. I think it’s photogenic capacity comes from the light, the colours and the architecture that is so different from Western. Thanks for the Lightroom tip, I’ve downloaded it and will have a fiddle with it. I’m a one-click person so will only explore the free version 🙏🙏🙏

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